Introducing Team Rocket Aircraft

The most awesome, affordable, high-performance, kit-built plane on the planet.
The F-1 QB is an all-metal airframe crafted and designed for the discriminating pilot that seeks F-16 like performance at an affordable price. If you enjoy the thrill of blasting off with a 3500 fpm climb and levelling off at 10,000 feet five minutes later for a 230+ m.p.h. cruise,
Then the F-1 QB is for you! Performance is Everything!!
This means on the ground as well as in the air! At Team Rocket, Inc., our performance on the ground is in our dedication to our customers. We are driven every day to provide our customers with the highest quality products, impeccable service, and the best prices available.
Our mission is to provide the discriminating pilot with the highest quality, most comprehensive, high performance, affordable, kit-built aircraft available on the market.